Score 100

Outdoor challenge by teams, using map and compass, each team will have to earn 100 points. Each team receives a map with several checkpoints marked with different scores, the goal is for the team to design a strategy in order to score exactly 100 points in the shortest time possible, and they can also earn bonuses if they correctly answer questions, riddles, or take selfies at the various points. At the end of the challenge, the team that achieves 100 points in the shortest time possible wins. Build a wooden cart and at the end take part in an exciting and fun grand prize.


  • Pedestrian Guidance with Customized Map
  • Check points with corporate or general culture questions and riddles
  • Selfies


  • Develop cohesion and team spirit;
  • Competition and overcoming goals in a group;
  • It fosters internal communication;


  • 15h00: Participants’ gathering at Vimeiro Clube Aventura
  • 15h15: Initial Briefing
    • Presentation of the activity
    • Team formation by lottery
    • Meeting of team captains and delivery of the Race Kits
  • 15h30: Orienteering race starts
  • 16h45: Score 100 Final, presentation of the classification and delivery of Diplomas
  • 17h00: End of the activity

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