Experience Sport General Terms and Conditions

Date of last update: 05.03.2024



This website (“site”) is provided by the company Experience Sport Lda, owner of the brand Experience Sport, the brand Vimeiro Clube Aventura (“VCA”) and the brand Dolce Clube Aventura (“DCA”) and its activities.

This document governs the use of this site and creates a legal and binding agreement between the visitor and Experience Sport, Vimeiro Clube Aventura or Dolce Clube Aventura.

By remaining on the site, making a purchase or reservation or accepting our terms, you signify that you have accepted the terms and conditions for their use.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Experience Sport reserves the right to insert or modify the terms and conditions of the agreement whenever it deems it necessary, so you should consult them whenever you visit the website or make a purchase.

It is the visitor’s sole responsibility to accept and comply with the terms and conditions when accessing the website.

User conduct

Experience Sport is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused during or by the use of the website, as well as for illegal or improper behavior on the part of visitors.

1. company identification

These conditions regulate the sale of services and experiences/activities between Experience Sport Lda and the client.

Experience Sport is a tourist entertainment company, registered in the National Tourism Register, available on the website of Turismo de Portugal, IP, RNAAT 67/2007, owner of the Experience Sport brand, the Vimeiro Clube Aventura brand (“VCA”) and the Dolce Clube Aventura brand (“DCA”). Headquartered at Rua do Cabecinho 1, loja G, 2530-826 Vimeiro. NIF: 507870018

Experience Sport, through its promotional media and partners, presents and offers a series of tourist activities for direct or indirect purchasers to enjoy. These activities are organized, carried out and produced by Experience Sport Lda and/or by suitable and qualified suppliers, under the terms of the agreement between each of them and Experience Sport.

Once you have selected the activity, activities or product(s) (either directly at Experience Sport’s premises and respective projects (VCA or DCA), through a partner, member stores, a website or other ways), Experience Sport will send you, after payment of the respective price, a voucher (e-mail, voucher, invoice or other proof) that will grant you the right to carry out the activity or product purchased.

2. Buying and booking activities

2.1. Registration for an activity implies knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.

2,.2. The special conditions override these general conditions.

Activities should be booked or reserved as far in advance as possible. To make a reservation, please contact our services on the telephone number 261 980 825 (national landline) or on the website
or via e-mail
. You should only consider the appointment to be final once you have received confirmation from our services, via phone call, SMS or e-mail. On the day of the activity, you must bring proof of payment or any other means of proof (voucher or other) as a means of payment to the guide/monitor.

3. Activities

3.1. The Experience Sport offer and the details of the activities are available for consultation on the Experience Sport website, Vimeiro Clube Aventura or Dolce Clube Aventura, and can be transmitted verbally or sent when requesting information or contracting them.

3.2. Since the activities depend heavily on the weather, it is possible that the date of the event may have to be changed. The information provided by Experience Sport regarding the duration and type of activity is always based on an estimate and ideal circumstances, so no rights are due for changes to the activities or their schedules.

3.3. Experience Sport reserves the right to cancel the activities, without compensation.

3.4. Experience Sport will reimburse the client for the amount already paid, after deducting the expenses incurred in organizing the respective activity, when:

a) the participants required for each activity are not present (where applicable);

b) weather, hydrographic, safety or other conditions make it impractical;

3.5. Activities are usually confirmed one or two days before they take place. Due to the instability of the weather, Experience Sport is entitled to confirm activities up to 12 hours before they take place.

3.6. The right to take part in an activity with the respective voucher/proof of purchase ceases when:

a) The customer does not show up at the place and time mentioned on the booking confirmation or transmitted for the activity;

b) The customer does not present a valid ticket/voucher/proof of purchase or booking confirmation before the start of the activity;

c) According to the management of Experience Sport, the booking, confirmation or payment for the activity has not been made. In all these situations, the activity is deemed to have taken place. The voucher loses its validity. This also applies to situations in which it is not possible to carry out the activity due to the circumstances described in article 3.2.

d) In the event of a no-show on the day of the activity, and if the activity has not been paid for in full, a fee of €10/person will be charged (due to the activation of insurance, guides, travel, etc.) In the case of vouchers from companies providing experiences such as Odisseias, Smartbox, etc., their rules are followed, i.e. the voucher will be considered used and there will be no refund.

3.7. Participants in the activities must respect the instructions given by the guide/monitor and other Experience Sport staff, both during and after the activities. Experience Sport is not responsible for any consequences arising from the customer’s misconduct or failure to comply with the rules set out above.

3.8. By taking part in an activity, customers accept the risks arising from them and Experience Sport cannot be held responsible for them.

3.9. Experience Sport is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personal equipment (clothing, cameras, etc.).

3.12. Experience Sport cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from recklessness on the part of participants or disregard for the instructions of their guides or monitors.

3.11. Experience Sport cannot be held responsible for acts that do not depend on its will or control or that of its employees.

If you have any problems on the day of the activity or any complaints, please mention them directly to the management of Experience Sport, by e-mailing
at the earliest opportunity, so that we can analyze it and improve our service.

4. Weather conditions and technical problems

The activities are subject to favorable technical and atmospheric conditions. If the aforementioned conditions are not met for the day of the activity and the activities are canceled, you will be offered the possibility of making a new reservation, with the customer having to indicate a new date, always subject to the weather conditions on the day and the availability of Experience Sport. In the event that the client incurs expenses or damages as a result of a cancellation on the same day, due to adverse conditions or unforeseen events beyond the control of Experience Sport, Experience Sport cannot be held responsible for them.

5. Risks and Responsibilities

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are in good health (physical and mental, etc.) to carry out the contracted activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Experience Sport, Vimeiro Clube Aventura or Dolce Clube Aventura, depending on the activity you wish to take part in.

The purchase or reservation of an activity from Experience Sport, VCA or DCA implies, on the part of the client:

a) The commitment to notify Experience Sport of any health problem and/or physical condition that may be affected by the activity or affect its normal development.

b) Acknowledgement and acceptance that there are possible risks associated with any outdoor activity that involves physical effort and/or takes place in isolated locations, such as walking, cycling, canoeing, stand up paddle, jeeping, kart cross, taking part in games, gymkhanas, obstacle courses and the like.

c) The affirmation that you are physically capable of carrying out the program you have chosen.

5.1. Restrictions

We ask that any restrictions are always mentioned prior to purchase/booking, so that we can take the necessary steps to meet the customer’s needs.

5.2. Levels of difficulty

The level of difficulty of the activities carried out at Experience Sport is mostly always communicated in the informative details of the activity, or community at the time of booking confirmation.

Experience Sport’s entire offering is mostly easy/medium difficulty. With the exception of hiking, cycling and/or activities that may require greater physical effort and a minimum level of physical fitness.

6. Payment terms

Programs for individuals: Any individual activities can be purchased or booked via the website, telephone, e-mail or in person. The activity can be pre-booked or paid for in full at the time of booking.

Programs for companies50% with award, remaining 50% 3 days before the activity.

Services included and not includedServices included in the price are always mentioned in the INCLUDES section of the program description on the website or, in the case of customized proposals, in the same section of the proposed program.

Anything not included in the program and not mentioned in that section IS NOT included.

Experience Sport reserves the right to include the item “NOT INCLUDED” in cases where it considers it particularly relevant to draw the customer’s attention to the services not included.

6.1. Payment methods accepted

Payments made to Experience Sport can be made by cash, ATM or bank transfer.

Experience Sport only accepts ATM payments with national debit cards.

Experience Sport does not accept credit cards or international cards.

Experience Sport does not accept payments by check.

Payments by bank transfer should be made to IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0032 2176 2862 3, with proof sent to the following email address: geral@experience-sport.com, mentioning the name of the service, the name of the client and the date of the activity.

7. Cancellation and refunds

Experience Spot reserves the right to cancel a program in the following circumstances:

a) Extreme weather conditions that compromise the comfort and safety of the activity. In this case, Experience Sport undertakes to reschedule the activity. In exceptional cases that are valid for reimbursement, Experience Sport will reimburse the customer.

b) When the minimum number of participants required to carry out the activity is not reached. In these cases, registered participants can reschedule or opt out of the activity.

c) War or imminent war, terrorism, strikes, fire, natural disasters and other similar situations not attributable to Experience Spot. In these cases, if circumstances allow, Experience Sport will offer to find a new date or suggest an alternative program.

Cancellation by customer’s initiativeCancellation of any previously confirmed activity will incur charges in accordance with the general conditions:

a) Cancellations up to 30 days before the activity – the applicable cancellation fee is 30% of the total budget;

b) Cancellations up to 15 days before the activity – the applicable cancellation fee is 50% of the total budget;

c) Cancellations up to less than 2 days before the activity – the applicable cancellation fee is 100% of the budgeted total;

d) All canceled reservations will incur a 15% charge on the total amount of the reservation or a minimum fee of 100€.

8. Guarantees: compulsory insurance and liability

All the risks inherent in the tourist entertainment activities carried out by Experience Sport are covered by a personal accident policy and a civil liability policy, the coverage for which is provided for in the legislation in force:

a) Payment of treatment costs, including hospitalization, and medicines, up to an annual amount of €3,500;

b) Payment of a capital of €20,000 in the event of the death or permanent disability of its clients, with the capital for death being reduced to the reimbursement of funeral expenses when the client is under 14 years of age;

c) Civil liability insurance guaranteeing €50,000 per claim, with the annuity guaranteeing damage caused by claims occurring during the term of the policy, provided that they are claimed up to one year after the termination of the contract.

Note: Experience Sport cannot be held responsible for any expenses above these amounts. If you wish to insure the activity for more than the contracted amount and/or the amount stated in the contracted policy, Experience Sport can request a specific proposal from the insurance company.

Experience Sport is not responsible for any damage or accident that occurs during the activities that is not covered by its Civil Liability and Personal Accident insurances taken out on behalf of the participants.

All the activities carried out by Experience Sport are supervised by qualified technicians.

All of Experience Sport’s activities are subject to a Safety Plan resulting from the risk assessment of each activity.

a) Insurance is not activated if participants are drunk or under the influence of narcotics or other drugs or toxic products not prescribed by a doctor;

b) The company will not be held responsible for any damage or accident occurring during the program or activity that is not covered by the insurance required by law;

8.1. Emergency means available

Portugal has a national emergency system that can be activated anywhere in the country by dialing 112, free of charge.

All Experience Sport staff are certified to provide first aid.

Experience Sport has first aid kits and means of communication and transportation that can be used by its technicians to call for help (cell phones, vehicles, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, canoes).

9. Procedures in the event of a claim

All Experience Sport activities, both guided and self-guided, are preceded by a safety and conduct briefing, the aim of which is to educate clients about good practices, following the rules and safety.

As far as claims are concerned, there are operating rules that imply costs not covered by Personal Accident Insurance, which everyone should be aware of at the time of booking. The procedures to be followed in the event of an accident are as follows:

a) It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the journey to the place of assistance and treatment, whenever the emergency service considers that the nature of the occurrence does not justify the use of an ambulance.

b) The costs of assistance and treatment will only be reimbursed by the Insurer afterwards. It is therefore up to the injured party to pay all the costs of the services provided.

c) Experience Sport is responsible for completing and sending the claim report to the insurer, as well as assisting the claimant in sending proof of the immediate assistance and treatment costs paid by the insured, for the purposes of reimbursement.

d) Once this procedure has been completed, the relationship between the claimant and the insurer will continue directly, i.e. without the intervention of Experience Sport.

e) It is up to the insurer, depending on the type of claim and the assessment of the damage incurred, to decide the amounts to be reimbursed within the limits of the cover mentioned in point 6.

10. Equipment: rental conditions, technical support and responsibilities

The customer assumes full responsibility for the equipment rented from Experience Sport during the rental period. This liability can be up to the total value of the equipment.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the equipment, among other precautionary measures, whenever the equipment is parked or in free use without supervision. The customer must guarantee the safety of the equipment.

The equipment must be delivered in the same condition as when it was rented. If the customer detects any anomalies during reception, they should report them to the monitor.

The rental is carried out with the delivery of all the material needed to carry out the activity safely. Unless otherwise stated.

When returning the equipment, if any anomalies or damage are found, Experience Sport reserves the right to charge for the damage(s) caused.

Although the equipment is delivered in good working order, when booking and renting equipment, the customer must be familiar with it and know how to respond to and resolve any problems that may occur during use. In the case of bike rental, the customer knows how to solve these small problems, such as changing an inner tube and adjusting the gears or brakes. If this is the case, you will be charged extra for any travel to repair these small problems.

In guided programs, it is the guide’s job to support the client in solving their problems.

Participants assume all the risks inherent in the activity they have booked.

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply power whenever the equipment needs it.

11. Gift vouchers

Experience Sport offers the opportunity to purchase gift vouchers for its Vimeiro Clube Aventura and Dolce Clube Aventura projects.

Once you have selected the type of voucher (either directly at the premises of the projects mentioned, through partners, participating stores, the website or other ways), Experience Sport will send you, after payment of the respective price, a voucher granting you the right to carry out the activity purchased.

The voucher must be presented on the day of the activity.

11.1. Voucher purchase

Vouchers can be purchased in person at Vimeiro Clube Aventura or Dolce Clube Aventura, or requested by telephone, SMS or e-mail.

11.2. Voucher delivery

The voucher is sent by e-mail or delivered in physical format. Shipment is made within 3 days of receipt of payment. If you do not receive your voucher, please check your e-mail spam folder or contact the respective projects.

The voucher can be sent to you or directly to whoever you indicate, as long as you clearly identify the recipient’s details. If your voucher does not reach the recipient for any reason, we will send you a new voucher at no extra cost (only valid for email deliveries) and cancel the lost voucher.

11.3. Voucher marking

The activities mentioned on the gift vouchers must be booked in advance. Reservations must be made in person, by telephone, SMS or email to the respective projects.

Activities will only be booked upon receipt of the booking confirmation.

The voucher must be presented on the day of the activity.

11.4. Validity of vouchers

All vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the voucher.

Any voucher presented after it has expired will not be considered valid. The activities can be carried out for a fee.

11.5. Voucher description

The description of each voucher can be found on the purchase page of each website,
as explicitly as possible. However, the content and format of the vouchers may vary throughout the year.

Up-to-date details are available by e-mail, in person, by telephone or by SMS. These details may also be mentioned on the voucher sent to you and when you confirm your booking.

11.6. Exchange of vouchers

Vouchers may be exchanged, provided they are available in the voucher catalog.

11.7. Partner Vouchers

Experience Sport is available through the Odisseias platform. The use of any voucher obtained through this platform must be requested with prior reservation.

12. Photographs and videos

Experience Sport reserves the right to use the photographs and videos taken during the activities for promotional purposes only.

Therefore, unless otherwise indicated in writing prior to the activity, the participant in the activities assigns all rights and authorizes the use of the photos and videos collected during the activities and in the periods before and after them, for placement on the website and sending audiovisual material to all clients and in marketing and advertising actions of Experience Sport or its partners. All copyright is reserved to Experience Sport.

13. Inquiries and complaints

Experience Sport responds by e-mail or telephone to any queries about its activities within a maximum of 2 to 5 days. A lack of response may mean that the query or complaint has not reached us.

The opinion of our customers is important to us. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to make them, as this will be the best way of improving our service and resolving any and all disputes to your satisfaction.

In the event of a problem during a program, the Client should immediately contact one of their guides or monitors.

If you wish to submit a complaint, you must do so in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the program.

Experience Sport has a Complaints Book, both physical and online.

Experience Sport and its projects, Vimeiro Clube Aventura and Dolce Clube Aventura, also have profiles on TripAdvisor and Google where customers can share their experiences and comments.

14. Law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law.

All disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the Court of Lourinhã, with express waiver of any other.

15. Contact

Any contact can be made by calling 261 980 825, selecting the number that refers to the desired project, or via email to the general email address: