Project Description

A very fun game that encourages your team to work together to meet a common goal. In this format, several team work games will be set up, which the teams will perform following a schedule. In each game there will be 2 teams in direct confrontation. The goal is to get the most points, the team gets points for winning the direct confrontations and for the final classification of each game. In the end, the team with the most points wins.


  • Team Work Games


  • Develop cohesion and team spirit;
  • Competition and overcoming goals in a group;
  • It fosters internal communication;
  • It enhances decision making.


  • 10h30: Participants’ gathering
  • 10h45: Initial Briefing
    • Presentation of the activity
    • Team formation by lottery
    • Meeting of team captains and delivery of the Race Kits
  • 11h00: Start of Team Battle
  • 12h30: Team Battle Finals, presentation of the standings and awarding of Diplomas
  • 12h45: End of activity