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Test your collaborators’ creativity! A very special challenge: to create a canvas mural with the company’s principles and values! The participants will be divided into thematic groups, to be identified together with the client, each group will be responsible for painting a set of 9 canvases (each canvas measuring 20cm x 20cm) that in the end will have to be assembled and organized to compose the Team WALL. The canvases will be delivered to the client at the end of the event!


  • Painting a Canvas
  • Composing a Mural


  • Develop cohesion and team spirit;
  • Competition and overcoming goals in a group;
  • It fosters internal communication;
  • Enhance decision making.


  • 15h00: Concentration of the participants
  • 15h15: Initial Briefing
    • Presentation of the activity
    • Team formation by lottery
    • Drawing of the themes
    • Team Captains Meeting
  • 15h30: Beginning of the activity: painting the canvases | Each team will have a work area, where they will have to define the strategy and paint the canvases
  • 5:00 PM: End of painting the canvases and assembly of the Mural | Each team in turn will have to present their canvases and place them on the mural.

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