Project Description

An afternoon dedicated to the discovery of the wines of the West. Come discover the West of Portugal in a Jeep Tour and take the opportunity to taste and discover the true charms of wine. Jeep ride through the rural areas and vineyards of the West region, passing by the Quinta da Folgorosa, where we will make a stop of about 1h30, for visit and wine tasting and then return to the Hotel!

The Farm

Visit to Quinta da Folgorosa, this farm has existed at least since 1711, when a manor was established there by the Biker Correia family, but is probably much older. Since then, it has always been dedicated to wine production, a long tradition in this region. The Quinta’s mission is to grow and create wines based on ancient traditions and solid technical knowledge with a modern touch and in harmony with nature. The wines are as much as possible hand-made and with a sustainable approach towards nature. In this tour we will make a stop of about 1h30, to visit the farm and taste the wines from Quinta da Folgorosa.


  • Jeep Ride
  • Wine Tasting


  • It builds bonds of cooperation and communication;
  • It promotes time management skills;
  • Provides the team with technical problem solving skills;
  • It boosts morale.


  • 15h00: Concentration at the Hotel Dolce Campo Real
  • 15h15: Distribution of people by Jeeps and beginning of the tour
  • 16h00: Stop at Quinta da Folgorosa for visit and wine tasting
  • 17h30: Departure from Quinta da Folgorosa
  • 18h00: Arrival at Hotel Dolce Campo Real