Project Description

Have you ever thought of recreating your company’s logo with your employees? In this challenge it is possible, in an original way we connect people, and the result is your company logo. The participants will be invited to build the company’s logo, with the realization of several dynamics of logo formation for the creation of the final video. All this process will be photographed and filmed, using a drone.


  • Human Logo Construction


  • Develop cohesion and team spirit;
  • Competition and overcoming goals in a group;
  • It fosters internal communication;
  • It enhances decision making.


  • 15h00: Concentration of the participants
  • 15h15: Initial Briefing
    • Presentation of the activity
    • Team formation by lottery
    • Meeting of team captains and delivery of the Race Kits
  • 15h30: Beginning of the Human Logo
  • 16h00: End of the activity