Project Description

A very special game that takes us back to the times of Eurovision, remembering the various challenges where the competition is huge. In this challenge all teams will play the same game simultaneously, that is, they will be playing at the same time or in rounds. While rounds are going on the teams will also have the task of building a wooden cart, to ultimately realize a grand prize. The team that adds up the most credits at the end of the challenge wins.


  • Team Work Games


  • Develop cohesion and team spirit;
  • Competition and overcoming goals in a group;
  • It fosters internal communication;
  • It enhances decision making.


  • 15h00: Concentration of the participants
  • 15h15: Initial Briefing
    • Presentation of the activity
    • Team formation by lottery
    • Meeting of team captains and delivery of the Race Kits
  • 15h30: Beginning of the activity
  • 5:30pm: End of the activity, presentation of the classification and delivery of Diplomas.